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Condoms being tested

We put our faith in them but how are condoms really tested?

Condoms are usually tested generally by being stretched, either by being filled with air or water.  After manufacture, random packets are sampled and re-tested but is there more to it than that?  What actually happens in the factory? Reliability Condoms are pretty reliable as a form of contraception and are the ‘go-to’ choice for protection

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The origins of the word, ‘condom’

If you want to promote a product and get people to like it and want it then branding is key, everyone knows that don’t they?  So, who was it exactly that came up with the title, ‘condom’?  It’s not exactly a word that encourages affiliation, a title that inspires embracement, the beginning of a real

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How the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation took action

One of the most common reasons for guys to waiver when it comes to wearing a condom is how it makes them feel.  Reduction in pleasure is a justifiable complaint but not when it is weighed against the avoidance of an STI or life-changing conditions like HIV Aids. In 2013, Bill and Melinda Gates of

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How To Break Up With Someone

‘Breaking up is never easy, I know, but I have to go’, undoubtedly one of the truest lines in any song, ever. And yet, it’s one of the most humbling and important experiences that you can ever experience. In our opinion, breaking up is one of the least fun parts of adulting and yet, like

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Spice up your Christmas with a festive condom

Well, it’s not the actual condom that is festive although I supposed mince pie flavour or mulled wine is a thought, but it’s just the wrappers which have some saucy festive cheer, designed to bring a little fun to the part of the proceedings which is never the most eagerly anticipated. How about condoms as

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latex condoms

Let’s make Latex more loveable

Latex is not the most loveable of materials.  Some people are allergic to it and the whole feel and smell of it would remind you of surgical gloves, a passion killer to say the least. Perhaps the best way to improve the rather poor image of latex is to lighten the mood with some humour. 

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condoms 21st century

The latest technology to produce the 21st century condom

One of the biggest and arguably the most difficult issues to get around with the condom complainers is the fact that sensitivity is compromised and pleasure reduced.  But the safety requirement remains as high as ever so what are scientists developing to try and answer these age-old moans about condom wearing? Scientists at the Texas

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Should the adult film industry be promoting safer sex?

Filming sex on screen without the use of condoms is sending a risky message to viewers, isn’t it?  Probably the majority of sex scenes in the adult movie industry feature sex without condoms but recently in the US, a controversial bill was sponsored by the President of the Aids Healthcare Foundation which aimed to force

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Is it possible to make condom buying more appealing?

Even in the 21st century, there is a slight tinge of embarrassment surrounding the purchase of condoms from the chemist or supermarket particularly for women.  Condoms protect us from STIs and fatal illness such as HIV Aids, it seems ridiculous therefore to feel awkward buying them. To appeal to the female purchaser, Welsh and Kabir

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Making condoms more loveable

You may not have heard of the Californian Family Health Council (CFHC) and why would you but did you know, this is the top testing facility for experimental condoms in the United States?  A condom…well, it’s not rocket science so why experiment with a design that basically works even if it is not very popular?

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