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does size matter? Honestly?
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Does Size REALLY Matter? (Honestly)

Well yes, it can do.  I am sure every guy wants to massage his ego and opt for the super-sized packet but the plain facts are, if the condom is too large, it can slip, tear and actually come off, proving wholly ineffective at the job it is supposed to be doing.  So how can

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condoms hanging on washing line
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Do People Really Wash and Reuse Condoms?

The CDC in the States – Centres for Disease Control and Prevention – has issued a warning to citizens to stop washing out and reusing condoms because, unbelievably, people are doing this although it rather begs the question as to how the CDC found out about it. The warning went out via their Twitter feed

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female condom

The Female Condom a better option than male?

Sometimes referred to as ‘passion killers’, there is no doubt that a momentary pause to reach for a condom can, for some people, be quite off-putting.  Why not, therefore, consider the female condom as this is often inserted before lovemaking starts and it can be generally less intrusive? How does the female condom work? Female

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Common Ingredients Found in Lube

Similar to condoms, lubricant is crucial to having safe and enjoyable sex. But what exactly is in lube? There are multiple ingredients that can be found in different lube products, so we compiled a list of the most commonly found ingredients. All of the ingredients listed have been deemed safe by the World Health Organisation.

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