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The low down on lube

If you are using condoms then lube should go hand in glove with it.  Lack of lubrication can give condoms a bad name and also means they are more likely to rip or tear.  Some people simply don’t know that you shouldn’t use an oil-based lube with a latex condom.  This does sound a bit

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What is it about condoms…?

Condoms can seem to bring out the strange or funny side in some people, perhaps it’s because of where they are worn, they have never seemed to lose their rather jokey image – think schoolboy playground humour here, not subtle, sophisticated wit. Take the secret condom fairy in Wythenshawe in Manchester, someone had been going

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Flavoured condoms, aren’t they just a bit marmite?

It seems that flavoured condoms are either very much to someone’s taste or alternatively, a bit of a disgusting mouthful.  Why are condoms flavoured? Flavoured condoms are designed for oral sex and the idea is that the flavour disguises the rather foul taste of the latex.  Their purpose is to prevent the transmission of STIs

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Condoms with a conscience

It’s a bit of an enigma that condoms don’t actually cost very much to make but yet, in the Third World, in Sub Saharan Africa, AIDS was the leading cause of death in the year 2000 and still continues to blight the African people.  The picture in Africa is clearly more complicated in many ways

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Why are young people just not using condoms?

A rather worrying survey by Public Health England (PHE) has revealed that over half of sexually active young people aged between 16 and 24 do not use a condom the first time they sleep with a new partner.  The survey was conducted across a sample of 2,000 people and even more worryingly, it revealed that

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Should the adult film industry be promoting safer sex?

Filming sex on screen without the use of condoms is sending a risky message to viewers, isn’t it?  Probably the majority of sex scenes in the adult movie industry feature sex without condoms but recently in the US, a controversial bill was sponsored by the President of the Aids Healthcare Foundation which aimed to force

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