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why men can't stay hard
sex education

Why Some Men Struggle To Stay Erect

When you watch sex scenes in movies or read steamy love novels, men are usually ready to mingle. There’s never any discussion or trouble with the man getting hard and staying hard. However, that’s not what happens in real life. When wearing a condom, it can actually be pretty hard to stay, well, hard. When

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sexual frustration

What Are The Signs of Sexual Frustration?

Once you’ve had sex or experienced an orgasm, suddenly not having either can impact people mentally, physically and emotionally. But how do you know when you’re experiencing sexual frustration? There are certain telltale signs that clue people in as to what is going on. Here’s a list of signs of sexual frustration. Negatively Overreacting There’s

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How effective are condoms?
Sexual Health

How Effective Are Condoms?

As the only form of contraception that protects against both pregnancy and STD’s, condoms are undoubtedly one of the most consistently effective form of contraception. It is therefore advisable to use them for all manner of sexual activities, from oral to vaginal and anal sex. But just how effective are condoms? Generally speaking, if condoms

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Sexual Health

Condoms – the basics

In an ideal world, this is not a topic that we would even need to be discussing and, in that world, all of this would be well and truly covered by the education system. But as of yet, no such perfect world exists and so, here we are, having to personally inform people exactly what

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