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Common Ingredients Found in Lube

Similar to condoms, lubricant is crucial to having safe and enjoyable sex. But what exactly is in lube? There are multiple ingredients that can be found in different lube products, so we compiled a list of the most commonly found ingredients. All of the ingredients listed have been deemed safe by the World Health Organisation.

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condom testing

How Condoms Are Tested

If condoms aren’t tested right, they can break or leak. And that can cause a lot of different problems, like sexually transmitted diseases or unplanned pregnancy. To prevent these issues from happening, each condom needs to be looked at and undergo quality-control testing. If the condoms don’t meet regulatory standards, then they’ll be disposed of.

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8 Common Condom Questions You’re Afraid To Ask

Despite the vast advancements that the digital world has brought with it, sex is still something that comes with a stigma attached and sometimes it’s a difficult subject to talk about. So, what is it that you do when you have a sex related question but are too embarrassed to ask someone that you know?

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how to put a condom on

How to put on a Condom

Our Guide to Putting on a Condom So, you have purchased your condom, checked that they are the right ones and now you just need to ensure that it is used correctly. And that is where you hit your first stumbling block. Aside from getting a banana and doing the old school roll down, this

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Condoms – The Jargon Buster

It’s time for you to go shopping again, so you log in, you look through the pages and pages of condoms and then stop. There are so many different types to choose from and, feeling overwhelmed by the all the different words, you opt for your usual instead. It’s easily done, and we probably do

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