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How Condoms Are Tested

If condoms aren’t tested right, they can break or leak. And that can cause a lot of different problems, like sexually transmitted diseases or unplanned pregnancy. To prevent these issues from happening, each condom needs to be looked at and undergo quality-control testing. If the condoms don’t meet regulatory standards, then they’ll be disposed of.

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alternative uses for lube

Alternative Uses For Lube

Many people think that lube is used just for sexual pleasure. But did you know that lube can actually be used for a plethora of every day uses. From hardware to personal care, the opportunities are endless. Here are some alternative uses for lube. Shaving Cream If you need to shave your legs quickly but

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Traditions from around the world

The world is a pretty diverse and interesting place with its inhabitants made up of many different cultures and traditions. Whilst there are some things that are universal human habits and necessities, it’s interesting to consider how some of the traditions around these can differ. From food to housing and even sex, many different cultures

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Condoms – Slang From Around The World

It’s a weird word isn’t it, condom and let’s be honest it doesn’t particularly roll of the tongue. And what’s more, despite its widespread use, we still hear people pronouncing it incorrectly. It surely has to be part of the reason why we now have so many different nicknames for them, from Johnny to rubber

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Sexiest Netflix and Chill Shows and Films

We’ve all been there. You and your partner have settled down for a night of ‘Netflix and Chill’ but as you scroll through page after page on Netflix, nothing takes your fancy. In fact, you end up arguing over what to choose and in the end, you end up with some overrated blockbuster that just

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