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What is the female condom?

The female condom is very similar in intent to the male condom in that it is a contraceptive device designed to prevent pregnancy and it also safeguards against the transmission of STIs – Sexually Transmitted Infections. What does the female condom look like? It is essentially a pouch with a ring at either end, the

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water in condom

Here are some rather unusual uses for condoms

Aficionados of the cult TV series, New Tricks, might remember the episode when a serial arsonist uses a condom as a makeshift timing device to start fires.  A condom suspended over a candle and filled with an accelerant eventually burnt through and created a mini-explosion setting fire to the property and leaving no other trace

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funny condoms

Share Your Funny Condom Stories

Even in the enlightened days of the 21st century, talking about condoms can still be a little taboo.  That’s a shame because they really are so very important for our sexual health.  Perhaps that’s why Durex encouraged people to share their funny condom moments with the world, to make it more acceptable to talk about

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condom myths exploded

Condom Myths EXPLODED

There are some interesting ideas surrounding the use of condoms, some might even call them myths.  But, joking apart, they can actually cause real problems and put users at risk.  We take a look at some of the most common fables surrounding the use of condoms. Two condoms are better than one – this is

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does size matter? Honestly?
Under The Covers

Does Size REALLY Matter? (Honestly)

Well yes, it can do.  I am sure every guy wants to massage his ego and opt for the super-sized packet but the plain facts are, if the condom is too large, it can slip, tear and actually come off, proving wholly ineffective at the job it is supposed to be doing.  So how can

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