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condoms in art form

The Art of Condoms

Trust the French to apply artistic high fashion principles to the simple condom in an attempt to rescue its rather unpopular and dowdy reputation. A French company called ‘Made in Love’ (what else) had developed a range of what are described as artist-made condoms.  The company is still a start-up and is looking for crowdfunding

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condoms hanging on washing line
Under The Covers

Do People Really Wash and Reuse Condoms?

The CDC in the States – Centres for Disease Control and Prevention – has issued a warning to citizens to stop washing out and reusing condoms because, unbelievably, people are doing this although it rather begs the question as to how the CDC found out about it. The warning went out via their Twitter feed

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Sexual status

Does deceit about sexual status amount to rape?

A recent case in the UK courts could have far-reaching implications for those who lie about their sexual health. Jason Lawrance met a woman through a dating website and told her that he had had a vasectomy after which she agreed to sleep with him without using a condom.  Lawrance, a serial rapist, then revealed

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