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refuses to wear condoms

What To Do if A New Partner Refuses To Wear Condoms

A mutual understanding on sexual health matters and contraception is important in any relationship.  But these are deeply personal and fundamental issues and let’s face it, in a fledgeling relationship, they may not get the talk time they deserve.  So what if matters develop quite quickly but your new love interest refuses to wear a

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condom names around world

Society’s Names for Condoms Through The Decades (part 2)

Read our previous post on condom names around the world In the 21st Century, anything goes and there is little that is not talked about openly online and in the media including all aspects of sexual health.  Television advertisements are becoming increasingly blatant and most people these days will just walk into a pharmacy or

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female condom

The Female Condom a better option than male?

Sometimes referred to as ‘passion killers’, there is no doubt that a momentary pause to reach for a condom can, for some people, be quite off-putting.  Why not, therefore, consider the female condom as this is often inserted before lovemaking starts and it can be generally less intrusive? How does the female condom work? Female

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Remove lube stains
How To

How To Remove Lube Stains

Lube stains, if you don’t wash the sheets right away, can be super embarrassing. The stains are there to reveal your pleasure to the world. And that’s something that should be kept to yourself. The world doesn’t need to know your pleasures. So, that means that the stains need to be removed. Here are some

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The Pros of Purchasing Condoms Online

Condoms are pretty easy to come by. You can get them at multiple stores, as well as for free at non-profits. But sometimes buying condoms in person can be embarrassing when everyone knows what you’re doing or are planning on doing. So, what should you do? There’s a perfect solution to avoiding that embarrassment. Try

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smaller penis sex tips

Sex Tips For The Smaller Penis

There are a bunch of sex techniques for people with penises. They are meant to up the ante and create an amazing sexual experience. But most of these are for people with long and thick organs. That means smaller penises get left out. Some believe that smaller penises are not as satisfying as large penises.

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Female orgasm

Tips to Achieve Female Orgasms

A lot of information on the internet is on male orgasms. There are tips and ideas on how to achieve it and prolong it. But a lot of people forget about female orgasms. Women want to have a good time just as much as men, but it can be somewhat difficult to reach if you

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