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Ingredients that make condoms

Whether it’s a ready meal, shampoo or toilet cleaner, these days most products are made using an unpronounceable wealth of different chemicals. But how often do we ever top and seriously consider what has gone into them, how they were made or the reason for those chemicals being used? Um, never. And when you think

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Condoms – Slang From Around The World

It’s a weird word isn’t it, condom and let’s be honest it doesn’t particularly roll of the tongue. And what’s more, despite its widespread use, we still hear people pronouncing it incorrectly. It surely has to be part of the reason why we now have so many different nicknames for them, from Johnny to rubber

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Sexual Lessons To Teach Young People

Every few months there’s some new initiative, debate or government bill that claims to be the solution to the lack of sexual education that many young people currently receive. These such campaigns claim to be attempting to ensure that young people receive a decent standard of education but sometimes they can seem confused in their

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Condom Excuses and Why They Don’t Make Sense

Gone are the days when there were only 2 or 3 condom brands on the market and these days, there are numerous condom types. Companies have specifically designed various types, in order to suit various people, with there now being something for everyone and every occasion. And yet, much to our amazement, some people still

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