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Condoms – the basics

In an ideal world, this is not a topic that we would even need to be discussing and, in that world, all of this would be well and truly covered by the education system. But as of yet, no such perfect world exists and so, here we are, having to personally inform people exactly what

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Condoms – The Jargon Buster

It’s time for you to go shopping again, so you log in, you look through the pages and pages of condoms and then stop. There are so many different types to choose from and, feeling overwhelmed by the all the different words, you opt for your usual instead. It’s easily done, and we probably do

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Im Vegan, What Condoms Should I use?

When it comes to living life as a vegan, things have definitely gotten a lot easier and these days veganism is pretty common. In fact, its gone mainstream and with that businesses are fighting to appeal to this new market, offering vegan friendly foods, toiletries and clothing. If you are a vegan, then it is

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I’m allergic to latex, what are the alternatives?

When it comes to the common excuses that men give for not wanting to use a condom, a latex allergy is definitely one of the sincerest. Traditionally, it has been a fair enough reason to be careful about which condoms you use and occasionally used as an excuse not to wear one at all. But

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Three Common Condom Myths

It is believed that condoms were first invented hundreds of years ago and some people even claim that there is 12,000-year-old cave painting showing early condom usage. However, 1642 is the very first recorded condom use, so whichever of these you chose to believe, they’ve been around for a really long time. Since then, condoms

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Sexiest Netflix and Chill Shows and Films

We’ve all been there. You and your partner have settled down for a night of ‘Netflix and Chill’ but as you scroll through page after page on Netflix, nothing takes your fancy. In fact, you end up arguing over what to choose and in the end, you end up with some overrated blockbuster that just

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